What is a Business Vision & Why Do You Need One?

What is a Business Vision & Why Do You Need One - Zest e-Biz

What a Business Vision is:

A business vision is a long-term focus, or driver, for your business. Unlike goals, which are completed (or ticked off) once achieved, a vision should ideally be your “guiding star” and remain fairly unchanged. A vision should embody WHY you are in business.

Why You Need a Business Vision:

Your business vision should symbolize an ideal end state, or ultimate status, that will motivate you in goal setting and decision making along the way in your business journey.


Simon Sinek, summarises this concept very well in his TEDx talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”:

   Very few people or organisations know why they do what they do. And by why I don’t mean to make a profit; that’s a result… By why I mean what’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

He goes on to say:

   People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

The goal is not just to sell to people who need what you have, the goal is to sell to people who believe what you believe. The goal is not just to hire people who need a job, it’s to hire people who believe what you believe.

To watch the Simon’s 18 min video on TEDx click below:


 The Zest eBiz Vision:

For those of you who have used the Zest eBiz “How to Write Your Soul Business Plan” GUIDE and TEMPLATE you would have seen the Zest eBiz vision:

   To meet interesting people while having fun and enjoying enabling others to achieve business excellence!

Potentially not the ideal end state I aspire to achieve, or succinctly “why” I am in business, but it’s a start which I plan to shape and mould as time goes on.

The Power of a Vision Board:

Martha Beck states on the Oprah Magazine website that the purpose of a vision board is

to depict (and lead to) [a] desired outcome

I’m currently participating in the 90 Day Action Plan course run by activate28.com whereby we have be tasked to develop a vision board for the next 3 months.

Although the vision board is only for the next 3 months, it is a fantastic way to play around with the WHY I want to achieve certain goals. In doing so I find I’m motivated to complete them because of a higher purpose, rather than simply ticking a box.

An excellent tip we learned in the course was to use affirmations (on your vision board) in the present tense in order to manifest your vision i.e. to visualise already achieving what it is you aspire to. In other words, the vision statement I wrote above for Zest eBIz a few months ago would be more inspiring as:

   I meet amazing individuals when I inspire, and enable, others to achieve business excellence!


Have you thought about your business vision lately?  Or WHY you are in business? I’d love to hear about your business vision as a comment below.

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