What Are You Manifesting?

Exciting news! My book is coming out soon. It’s called…

Adventures in Manifesting: Success & Spirituality.

What are you manifesting - ebook - Zest e-bizCo-authored with bestselling authors from The Secret Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Dr. Joe Vitale, bestselling authors Brian Tracy and Dr. Marilyn Joyce and many more.

How my Book Came About:

I first “met” Sarah Prout online after reading her inspiring book The Power of Influence earlier this year. I joined the Adventures in Manifesting course and found myself part of an amazing community, encouraged and supported by Sean Patrick Simpson and Sarah Prout to dare to dream and manifest what we each individually desired most.Sean and Sarah invited me to write a chapter in the first Adventures in Manifesting book series and I have not looked back. Such an amazing experience to get your thoughts in print so they can be shared with the world!

The last 12 months have been an exciting time in which I am grateful for a huge number of things including co-authoring Adventures in Manifesting: Success & Spirituality.

My partner and I have now being living together a year in sunny Karratha where we have made a home that functions as an Art Studio, Home Office, Bike Workshop, Go-Kart Workshop and Garage for cars, boat and go-kart trailer. We also went to Europe for 3 weeks, which was a fantastic trip!

I sold a painting at the 2011 Annual Cossack Art Award, and can’t wait to start another painting for next year.

Work (i.e. my day job) has stepped up a notch with the start-up of the gas processing facility I work on, just around the corner. I was also fortunate enough to co-ordinate and MC the first Women of Woodside EXPO up here in Karratha – “Celebrating 30 years of Women at Woodside in the Pilbara” in which we displayed over 70 profiles in the community.

I also launched Zest e-Biz Coaching officially only last week and already have one client signed up! See my COACHING page for more info.

Adventures in Manifesting – The Book:

For more info on my book, check it out under my BOOKS page.

The Adventures in Manifesting Online Hub:

www.WhatAreYouManifesting.com is the online hub for the book. Check out the Authors’ bios. See the other books and join the Adventures in Manifesting community too.

Upcoming Manifestations:

Soon I’ll have pre-release copies of my book available – signed by me. You can order them by emailing zestebiz@gmail.com.

In the coming 12months I also plan to manifest…

–     More amazing Zest e-Biz coaching clients

–  Guest speaking opportunities on leadership and business excellence

–     Another book

–     An investment property

–     Sufficient savings & passive income to go travelling and volunteer in 2013

What Are You Manifesting?

I’d love to hear from you. What are you Manifesting? It’s a powerful question and one I recommend asking yourself and those around you. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised by the ways this question will initiate manifestations in your life.

Let me know in the comments below, what do YOU want to manifest in the next 12 months?

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