Top Tips for Business & Blogging – Recap of Problogger Day 1

As Day 2 of Problogger commences, I thought I’d write down all the great tips & tricks I picked up yesterday before I forget them!

From Little Things Big Things Grow

“Build a workflow around small tasks and make them a habit.”
“Have goals to filter opportunities”
“Look for sparks! What gives YOU energy? What are your readers responding to? Where is momentum gathering? Then act quickly before the spark goes cold.” – Darren Rowse @Problogger

Finding Your Voice: Building Your Brand

“Use what you’ve already got when building your brand.”
“What you tell people your brand is will be different to what each individual thinks of your brand.”
“We are whatever people tell us we are – we can’t tell people our brand.”
“A brand is a gut feeling you get when you think of something/someone.”
“Determine what you stand for : what is your unique voice? Be consistent.”
“Don’t be something you’re not.” – Stan Johnson @BrandDNA

How to get brands knocking on your door:

– Brands want stats –> Google Analytics
– Look out for Pinterest!
– $ don’t come from PR agencies, but they can be the conduit for $ from brands marketing departments
– Seek out brands who are already active in social media, don’t waste time educating other brands about blogging
– Use twitter to build relationships and “flirt” with brands
(Thanks to the amazing panel: Lorraine Murphy, Nikki Parkinson, Eden Riley and Mrs Woog)

Marketing Your Products

10. Practice makes perfect – practice on other products
9. Set a date
8. Lock up your product – even if it feels unfinished
7. Know your angle
6. Make a plan – split it into pre-launch, launch month & post-launch
5. Ready your audience – share the prep experience
4. Make it sellable
3. Active tracking – be ready beforehand
2. put the writing on the wall
1. Get the green light from someone else before launch – soft launch first
– Shayne Tilley @ShayneT

Making Money & Changing the World

“Find role models – like minded individuals, but in different areas”
“pay attention to the questions Pete are asking”
“Emotional connections/needs stronger than educational connections/needs”
“Share a genuine agenda”
“Treat work as important part of life & make time for it”
– Chris Guillebeau @chrisguillebeau


Great day, fantastic material presented and amazing people to connect with.


For anyone keen to get in on the action, get your virtual ticket now and join in on twitter:


p.s. Thanks to the Problogger team for organizing an event with such a great atmosphere for meeting and connecting with people & still being able to feed my 4 month old boy – who is loving exploring Melbourne with Mr Mum šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Top Tips for Business & Blogging – Recap of Problogger Day 1

    1. Lovely to meet you too Brooke. Definitely found the inspiration to take Zest e-Biz to the next level, and start tour travel blog! Now I just need to find the motivation to make my 15 mins/day writing a habit šŸ™‚

  1. What a great summary list of things said on Friday, Kylah – thanks for sharing them.

    I am working on the little things first and then going to build some ne habits to impact the bigger things – I think Darren is right about turning small but important tasks into a habit to get success.

    1. Totally agree, the small things definitely snowball to impact big things when good habits are in place šŸ™‚ My 15 min challenge was to write every day. It has taken a bit of a back seat while we are in NZ so I’m thinking of applying the 80/20 rule and aiming to write 15 mins/day, five days a week (when not on holiday) to manage expectations and anything over and above that is a bonus!

  2. Hi Kylah

    Finally getting around to catching up with everyone that I met at Problogger, just wanted to swing by your blog and say hi.

    There were some great nuggets of wisdom over the two days, the 15 minutes seems to have struck a chord with everyone. Such a simple strategy, but its often those simple things that get overlooked.

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