What is the Zest e-Biz Mission Statement?

What is the Zest e-Biz Mission Statement? - Zest e-Biz

I’m attending the annual (sold out) ProBlogger Training Event in October along with 299 other bloggers from around Australia. I can’t wait! It’s the first real professional development commitment I’ve made for my Zest e-Biz blog and coaching business.

This both excites me, and scares me… Still on maternity leave I constantly toss between the comfort of going back to work as an employee, and biting the bullet and really making a go of Zest e-Biz!

Already I’ve connected with some amazing people in the lead up to the event who are very inspiring and motivating.

One of the preparation tasks for the event involves thinking about the goals and mission statement for your blog. That’s easy I thought…

Zest e-Biz – coaching business excellence!

But then I thought more about what I really meant by this and I didn’t know how to describe it more explicitly.

So I had a think and came up with the following:

“I blog because I want a flexible work schedule where I do what I love and work when I experience flow, not being forced to work between the hours of 9-5. I aim to educate and support others who wish to do the same and generate a low maintenance income from this.”

However I thought about this some more and realised it’s probably the general mission statement of just about any blog. Why was Zest e-Biz different? How could I make it stand out?

I remembered back to Simon Sinek’s catch phrase, which I discuss more in a previous post:

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

The mission statement above is simply what I wanted to do, but didn’t explain the ‘why’.

So I enlisted the services of Nailah Blades from Polka Dot Coaching, courtesy of a prize I’d won through an activate28 photo challenge. Nailah skillfully helped me define a mission statement based on three things:

  1. Action words/verbs that I identified most with
  2. My core values
  3. Who/what I want to help

And this is what we came up with…

Coaching mindfulness in business, to connect and encourage business leaders who wish to inspire a following.

Quite different to my first attempt! This one really resonated with me, so now I feel I’m on the right track. The more we talked, the more I remembered my passion for inspiring leadership and engaging a following. My words started to dance off my tongue as my speech sped up. I felt my face come alive with emotive expression as I thought of and described leaders who have inspired me, and conversely those who have left me frustrated and disenchanted.

I think defining your mission statement is an iterative process, but for now I’m loving the way the second one above captures the essence of Zest e-Biz.

Specifying my goals is going to have to be the subject of a future blog after the time and effort it’s taken just to come up with my mission statement!

I’d love to hear what your mission statement is for your blog or business venture in a comment below. Check out the bottom of the Zest e-Biz Resources & Links page for more examples of mission statements from companies I find inspiring!

What is a Business Vision & Why Do You Need One?

What is a Business Vision & Why Do You Need One - Zest e-Biz

What a Business Vision is:

A business vision is a long-term focus, or driver, for your business. Unlike goals, which are completed (or ticked off) once achieved, a vision should ideally be your “guiding star” and remain fairly unchanged. A vision should embody WHY you are in business.

Why You Need a Business Vision:

Your business vision should symbolize an ideal end state, or ultimate status, that will motivate you in goal setting and decision making along the way in your business journey.


Simon Sinek, summarises this concept very well in his TEDx talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”:

   Very few people or organisations know why they do what they do. And by why I don’t mean to make a profit; that’s a result… By why I mean what’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

He goes on to say:

   People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

The goal is not just to sell to people who need what you have, the goal is to sell to people who believe what you believe. The goal is not just to hire people who need a job, it’s to hire people who believe what you believe.

To watch the Simon’s 18 min video on TEDx click below:


 The Zest eBiz Vision:

For those of you who have used the Zest eBiz “How to Write Your Soul Business Plan” GUIDE and TEMPLATE you would have seen the Zest eBiz vision:

   To meet interesting people while having fun and enjoying enabling others to achieve business excellence!

Potentially not the ideal end state I aspire to achieve, or succinctly “why” I am in business, but it’s a start which I plan to shape and mould as time goes on.

The Power of a Vision Board:

Martha Beck states on the Oprah Magazine website that the purpose of a vision board is

to depict (and lead to) [a] desired outcome

I’m currently participating in the 90 Day Action Plan course run by activate28.com whereby we have be tasked to develop a vision board for the next 3 months.

Although the vision board is only for the next 3 months, it is a fantastic way to play around with the WHY I want to achieve certain goals. In doing so I find I’m motivated to complete them because of a higher purpose, rather than simply ticking a box.

An excellent tip we learned in the course was to use affirmations (on your vision board) in the present tense in order to manifest your vision i.e. to visualise already achieving what it is you aspire to. In other words, the vision statement I wrote above for Zest eBIz a few months ago would be more inspiring as:

   I meet amazing individuals when I inspire, and enable, others to achieve business excellence!


Have you thought about your business vision lately?  Or WHY you are in business? I’d love to hear about your business vision as a comment below.