A Celebration of My Favourite Quote!

Steve Jobs Quote 2005 - Zest e-Biz Celebration of My Favourite Quote

As I am only a couple of weeks away from commencing maternity leave ready for the birth of my first child, now seems like an appropriate time for a bit of reflection…

Two Babies Conceived

September 2011 marked the official launch of Zest eBiz. Roughly the same time (although unknown to me at the time) my baby was conceived.

Over the months that have passed I’ve watched both of my babies grow in awe; from initial thoughts about starting a business, or starting a family, to making the commitment to go for it and then every stage of development since then.

Making the decision to start a family was almost easier for me than the decision to start a business. In both cases I had the full support of my partner, but I guess I felt like we were more of a team when it came to starting a family.

Starting a business on the other hand came with a lot more fear and anxiety for me. What should my business look like? How will I get started? Could I manage it out of business hours as well as working full-time? What would people think about me going into business, or my business itself?

It took one defining moment last year to help me realise that I did really want my own business…

The Decision to Jump

Steve Jobs had passed away and the internet was flooded with his inspirational words of wisdom. The quote at the top of this post really spoke to me. So much so, that I turn to it every time I need strength, or that little bit of encouragement.

Soon after reading this quote I was working through a difficult decision with my Life Coach. Being the amazing professional that she is, she always listens to me and in traditional coaching style asks the right questions to get me to explore the answers I’m searching for myself. However this day she’d obviously had enough and simply said to me:

“I feel like I’m standing on at the top of a cliff with you and you keep asking me, ‘should I jump?’”

This hit home for me. I love all things related to adrenalin sports (like bungy jumping backwards in the photo above), so that metaphor was like turning a light on inside my head.

That week I had one of my proudest moments at work. I defended the decision I’d made, to one of the senior managers on site, not to commence longer hours that the majority of other engineers were about to commence due to the nature of the project we worked on. His question as to whether I was worried about how this would be perceived by others in the company would have once affected me and caused me to question my judgement. However this day it was like adding fuel to the fire! I confidently replied along the lines of “no, I’ve worried about what other people think for too long”. I justified my reasons for not wanting to change my working arrangement with assurance knowing that I believed, finally, 100% in something I wanted to do and I was not going to be swayed this time.

Grateful for Healthy Growth

From that day forward Zest eBiz has grown into what it is today. Not a huge company, but rather the fruit of following my passion. I’ve been amazed at the wins (small and big) I’ve had along the way and the interesting and inspirational people I’ve met. But most importantly, I’m amazed at the feeling I get every time I coach a client. It’s second to none. I have to pinch myself to remind me that I’m getting paid to do what I love!

I hope this has inspired you to find the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Take 10 mins to think about that one hurdle standing between you and what you desire…

Now go and confront it head on knowing that your heart and intuition “somehow already know what you truly want to become”!

Launching How to Write Your Soul Business Plan!

Launching How to Write Your Soul Business Plan! - Zest e-Biz

This week I have had the pleasure of holidaying in a designer Goodwood house, in Adelaide, my boyfriend’s hometown. A perfect “office” setting to find inspiration for the launch of my new eProduct – How to Write Your Soul Business Plan!

There are numerous resources out there to help you write your business plan.

This one is different….  It is not designed to help you if you are seeking investment for your business. Rather it has been developed to help you write a business plan (or vision) with soul.

At the end of the guide there are links to more traditional business planning resources. However the idea is that it is a quick and easy exercise to help guide you on your journey towards achieving your ultimate business goals.

Being simple and fun, the intent is that you re-visit your Soul Business Plan periodically to ground yourself and ensure your current business activities are aligned to your long-term vision.

By following these seven simple steps explained in the guide, you can create your own Soul Biz Plan in no time:

Launching How to Write Your Soul Business Plan! - Zest e-Biz


        • What are your business rituals?
        • What do you plan to manifest in business in the next 12 months?
        • What are your business’s core values?
        • What is your product or service story?
        • Who is your target market?
        • Who is your community?
        • The next steps – SWOT, GIDA & VISION

Take advantage of the FREE TRIAL on offer for the month of March when you sign up for the Zest eBiz weekly blog. And… when you download the guide you will receive a Word template FREE so you can get started today!

I’d love to hear any feedback you have, or offer any assistance if it helps you with your business direction, but you would like to explore it further.

With Zest & Gratitude,


Yes Coach! 7 Reasons You Should Have a Business Coach.

Yes Coach 7 Reasons You Should Have a Business Coach - Zest e-Biz

Currently I have a life coach I chat to monthly, a business coach that I speak to fortnightly while I’m getting Zest e-Biz up and running, and I also have a mentor at work.

Coaches and mentors come in many different forms and you’ll find that not all of them are suitable for every situation.

In 4 ½ months I’ll be commencing my journey of motherhood… pretty exciting for both my partner and I! He is more that willing to come to the birth and help me through the life changing event. However, when I learnt about the services of a Doula – effectively a birthing coach, I started to think about the benefits of a coach rather than relying 100% on a family or friends.

7 Reasons You Should Have a Business Coach

Whether it is a paid coach, or an informal arrangement with a colleague or someone you respect within your industry, they all provide similar benefits to you on your business journey:

  1. They have usually been there done that.  Or at least they have been through similar issues that you are facing, so they can provide guidance based on their experience.
  2. They usually provide an objective point of view.  Without knowing all your day to day issues, that perhaps your colleagues or families hear about till the cows come home, a business coach or mentor is usually a fresh set of eyes to give some perspective.
  3. They are there to provide pep talks.  Like a traditional sports coach, a business coach, watches you grow and develop so they know when you can dig a little deeper and deliver that extra bit of effort that will help you on your path to success.
  4. They are also there when you need a pick-me-up.  A good coach or mentor always seems to know the right time to flick you an email, send you a motivating link, or touch base just when you need that reminder that you are on the right track.
  5. They help you develop clarity around your vision.  A business coach is a great sounding board. They will listen to you (ramble at times) and then repeat back to you the key points or themes you described.
  6. They are also there to remind you to be patient.  It’s so easy to get carried away in grand ideas and forget to focus on the basics. A business coach or mentor is there to remind you to take small steps towards that BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
  7. Most importantly, they keep you accountable.  If you are like me, finding the motivation to stick to a routine is very difficult if you don’t have milestones, or some incentive to keep you accountable.

Do you currently have a coach, or mentor?

If not, do you have an idea of the type of person you think would be great to talk to? Yes? Then what are you waiting for! Make contact today. You’ll be amazed at how approachable people are and how valuable you find the experience.

Image sourced from www.sportscoachingbrain.com