Six Simple Steps to Reinvigorate Your Facebook Page for Free

This is a guest post from Rebecca Jarvis of InTouch Public Relations.

Is your Business Facebook page looking tired and neglected? Unsure about how all the changes Facebook makes is really affecting your reach? Now is the time to amplify your engagement…

Six Simple Steps to Reinvigorate Your Facebook Page for Free  //  Conscious Business Strategies  //

Follow these six simple steps to increase your engagement and reach on your Business Facebook page organically:

 1.   Set the tone

Create a unique tone and style for your Facebook page. To do this, think about how your business would speak if it were a person speaking to your ideal client. Would it be witty, educational, empowering?

Capture the essence of your brand by ensuring a consistent tone in all your posts, as well as in your About section.

 2.   Have conversations

Actively engage with your fans by answering their comments and questions. Ask for their feedback and encourage conversation. The more likes and comments on your posts, the longer they will appear in users’ newsfeeds.

3.   Share varied content

Select other social media pages, and blogs, that align with your brand values and guiding principles and share content that will resonate with your ideal clients. Make comments on how the article or image is relevant to your industry or local area.

4.   Be regular

Post on a daily basis. Ideally 3-6 posts per day, up to three times per day. Get familiar with ‘Insights’ to understand your readers’ behaviour.

In particular click ‘See Insights’ >> ‘Posts’ to work out the most popular times of the day when your fans are online (hint: post or schedule posts for this time). Then scroll down and check out the types of posts that get the biggest ‘Reach’ and ‘Engagement’.

5.   Excite your fans

Allow your audience an exclusive behind the scenes look at the way your business operates. Take a photo of new stock arriving, or you developing a new product, or your team on a corporate photo shoot. Show your audience a side of the business they’ve never before had access to.

6.   Reward loyalty

Everyone loves a freebie! Running a competition on Facebook is a highly effective way to boost engagement. Design the competition to encourage likes, comments and sharing of posts. Make sure you refresh yourself on the rules set by Facebook before you get started:


Final tips:

   Give your audience a reason to wait in anticipation for your posts to appear in their News Feed, update your ‘About’ section and be consistent!


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What one step are you going to take today to increase your engagement? Leave a comment below.



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Rebecca Jarvis is a communications consultant specialising in stakeholder engagement. Whether it be through a traditional advertising campaign, or social media engagement, Rebecca helps businesses nurture and strengthen their relationships with customers to improve brand loyalty.

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