Six Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to Attending ProBlogger!

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Six Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to Attending ProBlogger! - Zest e-biz


Only three days until I fly to Melbourne to attend the ProBlogger Training Event! Getting very excited now. Not looking forward to the long day traveling via Perth with our 4 month old bub, but what is waiting in Melbourne will be worth it.

In the last couple of posts I’ve done some thinking about my Zest e-Biz blog developing a mission statement and goals. The other area I’ve been thinking about in preparation for ProBlogger is what I want to get out of the event.

Six Reasons for Attending ProBlogger:

1. To meet other bloggers who are at various levels of experience with their blogs so I can learn what worked and what didn’t for them. Already I’ve joined a facebook group called Aussie Bloggers that one of the ProBlogger attendees set-up which has been great to get to know people prior to the event, as well as being an excellent knowledge sharing space. For anyone interested in blogging, or planning to purchase a virtual ticket to ProBlogger, I’m sure you would be able to request to join the group.

2. Tips and ideas of how to build my blog so that I can work towards the goals I developed in my last post, including:

  • Building my blog’s brand
  • How to monetize my blog
  • How to market my products
  • How to make the most from visitors to my site, i.e. “turn them into raving fans”
  • How to get paid to write, and
  • Media and blogging

3. Validation that my blog is worth pursuing as more than just a hobby, building my confidence to stick at it and promote it accordingly.

4. To meet Darren Rowse in person who has an amazing work ethic and is so passionate about delivering value to his readers via blogging.

5. To listen to Chris Guillebeau’s story about how he blogged his way around 150+ countries, and how he monetized that blog to support his travel.

6. To go to Melbourne and indulge in great food and great culture!

ProBlogger Virtual Ticket

If you are unable to attend the ProBlogger Training Event in Melbourne, but you are interested in getting all the material from the event – good news…

They’re just released virtual tickets!

You can hear from speakers like Darren Rowse, Chris Guillebeau, Shayne Tilley (the web marketing ninja) and some of Australia’s top bloggers and learn how to build a profitable blog.

Best of all – you can do it all from the comfort of your own home – with full access to over 21 hours of teaching for you to listen to again and again wherever and whenever it suits you.

If you’d like to purchase a virtual ticket I’d love you to use my affiliate link below, however you are more than welcome to purchase one directly via the ProBlogger website.

Register for a Virtual Pass to PROBLOGGER’S TRAINING EVENT

Look out for future posts about my experiences at ProBlogger.

4 thoughts on “Six Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to Attending ProBlogger!

    1. I have an amazingly supportive partner who will be Mr Mum in Melbourne 🙂 One leg down… Currently in Perth waiting for our connection to Melbourne.

  1. Great goals, Kylah and I hope you get what you were looking for while here in Melbourne. I have no doubt you met other bloggers and got tips and ideas from the speakers.

    You did well coping with a 4 month old and it was great to see an event that welcomed Mums to do what they needed.

    1. Problogger was a fantastic event, and even more so being able to have my baby boy come in to feed 🙂 Likewise, I hope you got some useful tips and ideas from the event. Looking forward to hearing your experiences with creating an eBooks on blurb.

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