Life in Half a Second Challenge – Part 1: Identifying the negatives

In July I presented a business workshop at the Karratha Business Expo titled “Unlock Your Potential for Success”. Those of you who attended the workshop will no doubt remember the powerful quote my Matthew Michaelwicz that I opened with:

“If our planet was exactly one year old, then modern humans would have only been around for the last 23 minutes. Measured on the same time scale, if our planet was a year old, then your entire life would amount to half a second.”

I’m taking the Life in Half a Second Challenge set by Matthew Michaelwicz.

I devoured his book when we were doing a trip on the Gibb River Rd in June this year. And I was stoked to see he would be the keynote speaker opening Day Two of the annual Problogger Training Event I attended a couple of weeks ago on the Gold Coast.

The action items from the first video of the Life in Half a Second Challenge are to:

My Life in Half a Second Challenge   |   conscious business growth   |

A inspirational colleague from the blogging world who I met in 2012 at the first Problogger conference I attended, Kim McFadden from (a goregous interior design website!) kicked off this process by organising a small group of us to be goal buddies –thanks Kim! Keen to get serious about putting some of the goals I took away from Problogger into action, I signed up to Matthew’s video challenge right away.

Synchronously, this week when I started watching Matthew’s videos, Serena featured my interview with about the challenge I’m participating in on

Life in half a second challenge - In 12 months Challenge - Kylah Morrison   |   conscious business growth   |

So thanks to Serena I have a clearly defined BHAG – big hairy audacious goal!

What I plan to gain from doing Matthew’s video challenge alongside this is to keep me even more accountable to achieving my goal. And the first critical step in doing this is to clearly define WHY I’ve taken up the challenge.

The action items from Matthew’s second video in the challenge are:

My Life in Half a Second Challenge - identify the negatives  |   conscious business growth   |

This prompt really helped me dig deep and try to identify why I’d set the challenge to earn $15,000 from group coaching courses by 1st August 2015.

Discussing the biggest ‘negatives’ in my life with my goal buddy Kim, I’ve come up with the following:

  • I feel like I don’t have enough time to achieve my business goals as well as being a good mum to my 2 year old.
  • I’m frustrated that doing what I love doesn’t pay nearly as much (yet) as what I got paid to work as an engineer which I found incredibly draining.
  • I don’t want to go back to work full-time in an unfulfilling job because I want to be a good role model to my children so that they understand there is more to life than simply making money and owning nice possessions.

Drilling down on the overall theme of these three negatives, I’ve come up with these three precise goals:

  1. Deliver 3 x group coaching programs (aiming for $5,000 income per program) by 1st August 2015.
  2. Hire a Virtual Assistant for 5hrs per week to help me build my business by working on the repetitive tasks, so that I can focus on business growth through training and development of new coaching programs, and spend more time with my son (soon to be sons) outside of ‘work hours’.
  3. Commence formal coaching training in 2015 so I can become an accredited Business Leadership Coach (Why: because I know it will give me the incentive, confidence, validation and accountability to take my business to the next level, even though I would most likely be capable of developing new coaching programs without the training by working solely with my ideal target market to research their needs and wants).


So, does the Life in Half a Second challenge sound like something you could use in your life, or business, right now?

If so, leave a comment below, or flick me an email (if you’d like a challenge buddy) telling me the biggest negatives in your life right now.

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