How to Identify Your Target Markets and Tribe

Have you ever promoted or marketed your business and brand, only to get little or no response? It’s not only demoralising, but also a waste of time and money!

How to Identify Your Target Markets and Tribe  //

Now, can you remember the last time you were with your friends? Remember the last concert you all went to together. Or, maybe you were catching up over a cuppa? It was fun – you all felt connected.

You may be thinking, ‘What does feeling connected with my best friends have to do with marketing my business?’

When your marketing connects and resonates with your current and prospective customers, they will feel aligned with your business and buy from you. And the easiest way to do this is by getting clear about who your ‘tribe’ and ‘target market’ is!


Tribes, target markets and why they matter…

Seth Godin, marketing guru wrote about this a few years ago in his best-selling book Tribes,

   A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate”.

Think back to when you were with your friends. Your shared interests and special ways of communicating with each other helped create that connection and sense of belonging.

This is your “tribe”.

Within this group of friends, there are a few “target markets”. Jane is married with children and runs her business from home. Amelia is a single lawyer who lives in a city apartment. Ingrid is recently divorced and is moving to the beach to become a massage therapist. Your lives are different, but you connect with each other in the same way – you belong to the same tribe!


Here’s how to work out who your tribe is and what your target markets are in your business:

How to Identify Your Target Markets and Tribe   //   www.zestebiz.comStep 1 – Identify your tribe’s demographics: What gender, age and income band do they have?

Step 2 – Don’t forget your tribe’s psychographics: What books and magazines do they read? What music do they align themselves with? What fears do they have? What do they believe? Who do they socialise with?

Step 3 – In a few sentences, describe up to three personas (your target markets): How would you describe them to a friend?

Step 4 – Identify what products/services they’d be interested in: Will they be interested in a select few, or all of your products and services on offer?

Step 5 – Ask yourself what your tribe wants and what they need: When you deliver both your tribe will grow!


Focusing on just a few target markets will grow your business

It’s at this point that some business owners begin to worry about focusing on specific types of people. And many of you may be thinking, “I want to work with everyone”!

This is a very common response when I talk to my clients about defining their target markets.

Yes, you can “open your doors” to everyone, but in reality not everyone is going to like what you offer and how you offer it. Only when you refine your target markets do you become known as an expert in your field!

Think about your buying habits….

You have favourite stores and a preferred hairdresser. When you buy a gift for your best friend, you usually only go into the shops that you know, like and trust. When you get clear and focused about your tribe and target markets, marketing becomes easier and more effective – and your business will start to grow organically!


If you’d like further help with this I’ve got a workshop coming up on Tuesday 11th March here in Karratha, or give me a call on 0456 110 240.



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