How to Choose an Amazing Name for Your Brand

If you’ve ever started your own business, or blog, I’m sure you’ll understand the stress and anxiety involved with choosing the ‘right’ name.

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For me I deliberated at length over the name of my blog (and business) back in 2011.

Although I consider myself a creative type, I fear that my logical, problem solving left brain often overpowers my insightful intuitive side. I have a tendency to overcomplicate things!


I’m currently going through the process of a website redesign. So… what better time to have an identity crisis!


Where did Zest e-Biz come from?

‘Zest’ was one of my top five strengths in the VIA character strengths survey I did, and it resonated with me. I believe I bring the same zest for life I have, to business.

Zest of course is a hugely popular name in the hospitality industry let alone other industries. So I played around with it.

Zesty came to mind, and from that Zesty Biz.  I thought this was a little trivial however (good ol’ left brain kicking in) so I went towards Zest e-Biz. Where the ‘e’ signified online business (which was growing very rapidly in popularity then – or at least my perception of it was being stuck in a remote town in North Western Australia).

I also thought the ‘e’ could signify business excellence, which is what I thought the theme of my blog would be.

Time changes everything

In three years my blog and business has evolved. Although I still believe in continuous improvement and striving for business excellence, a focus on conscious business success has taken over my world.

Achievement for the sake of achievement does not lead to fulfilment. And in reality, it does not lead to sustainable business excellence.

So now I have an identity crisis…

I LOVE my current logo. It symbolises ‘Zest’ so well. It even solicits a physical reaction to the logo sometimes when I think of a juicy lime.

The one segment removed symbolises a like-minded community coming together.  Just as many hands make light work, the support and connectedness of a strong community more effectively lead to conscious business success.

I would love to keep Zest in the name. However Zest Consulting and variations of that are all taken (registered and domains unavailable).

So, what did I do next?

Do some research with your target market:

Wondering how to solve my dilemma, I asked a select a few of my valued community and asked them:

   Quick question for you as you have all had some (greatly appreciated) influence over my success to date:

Do you think I should change my business name?

Zest e-Biz is hard to pronounce for people and the hyphen is clunky.

I’m thinking maybe: – Zeste; or – Zeste Consulting

Tagline: ‘conscious business success’

Thoughts? Other ideas?”


This is what happened…

One of the first clients I ever worked with came up with Zest in Biz. It was a hit in no time!

She was squeezing some lime onto a salad at work the moment it came to her. Obviously this evokes a strong sense of having passion and zest in business; both very important for fulfilment and achieving sustainable results.

Then Zest for Biz came to me.

The synergy with Zest for Life stuck me straight away and then the play on words ‘you need Zest (i.e. my services) for your Biz’ came through subtly afterwards.

Then I started getting suggestions like Zest Consulting (unavailable), Zest Business Services, Zest Strategic Business and others which made me think perhaps my current name isn’t grown up enough?

Torn, and feeling no closer to a new name, I took the question to a wider audience and this is the fantastic advice I got.

How to choose a name for your brand:

  1. It needs to be easy to remember and dynamic too
  2. It needs to be easy to spell
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Think of a name with your target market in mind
  5. A more meaningful domain name would attract ideal clients rather than a clinical ‘xxx consulting’ type domain name. For example: Bernadette Jiwa’s for her business.
  6. There will always be lots of opinions on what your business (or blog) name should be. Establish a solid brand with an easily recognisable product or service and it won’t matter what the business is called.
  7. A business name doesn’t have to link directly with the products or services provided. Think ‘Apple’ or ‘Google’.

If you are considering a name change…

  1. Don’t hold on to what you have, a complete change may be in order.
  2. Or, equally important, consider the motivations to change your name in the first place. Is it really warranted, or is there fear and anxiety around using the name caused by other factors, rather than the name itself. (A number of people I surveyed commented that they preferred my current name to the new suggestions – completely unexpected to me!).


And then it hit me.


As much as I love the ‘zest’ in my business name and logo, it’s been at odds with my new direction to explore and deliver insightful content and business strategies to achieve conscious business success.

So for now my business (and blog) will remain Zest e-Biz. The idea of a complete name change and re-brand is beyond me at the moment. The stress of trying to choose the ‘right’ name is not a bridge I’m prepared to cross just yet. Instead, I plan to let the dust settle and wait for a name that resonates to come to me.


Thank you to all the wonderful people who gave up their time to help me work through this issue. Your suggestions have all been amazing and really helped me think more about my ideal target market and the brand I want to be.


Have you ever struggled with choosing a business (or blog) name? Have I missed any tips or suggestions?


4 thoughts on “How to Choose an Amazing Name for Your Brand

  1. Great post! I feel your pain!

    The only thing I have to add is that you have to be a little open minded and flexible because sometimes your ideal name has been taken!

    Also check the domain availability before choosing a name 🙂

    I had a hard time choosing the name of my Real Estate Agency but settled on Reach Property Management…nothing to do with Real Estate but I liked the word and Niche was taken!

    Now I have an online marketing/ micro business website called Aussie Entrepreneur Mum – I admit I wonder if I should rebrand …well, almost every day! But dont know if Im over thinking it!! Good luck if/when you do choose to rebrand!

    1. Totally!! The domain name being available it one of the biggest nightmares. But in saying that I may have settled for something boring like zestconsulting and not be forced to think of something better that really resonates with my ideal clients.

      I love Reach Property Management. It’s got create connotations. What don’t you feel comfortable with, with Aussie Entrepreneur Mum?

  2. I’m only a new blogger and I struggled heaps to come up with a brand. I’m still not sure I got it right. I’d have to say this is one of the hardest decisions to date. Good luck deciding whether to change or stay
    Camilla recently posted…Goodbye JasmineMy Profile

    1. Thanks Camilla. It’s definitely one of the hardest decisions!! I guess I’m taking comfort in the fact that I’m not that big and established yet that if I do need to rebrand it won’t be as big a deal as potentially a year or two down the track. Still doesn’t make the decision any easier! 🙂

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