Good things take time, even in business

In his book ‘Outliers’ Malcolm Galdwell wrote “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.”

Obviously time is not the only factor in success. But the point remains, that some things simply take time.

As with seeds you plant in the ground, so too with business ideas, product development or business growth, you need to nurture those seeds. Then you simply give them time to germinate, grow and bloom into something magnificent.

Local businesswoman Jennine Hubber from Mystical Avalon has just launched a new product range InLaKesh.

Good things take time even in business with Zest e-Biz“InLaKesh was born from a desire to create and provide Australian made, aromatherapy natural skincare that everyone can afford and would want to use,” says Jennine.

These products were simply an idea that was seeded back in February last year when she attended a workshop I ran at her old business premises with seven other motivated business owners.

The workshop was titled ‘Reconnect with WHY – Get clarity and direction in business’.

Take the time to nurture your business

So often in business we get stuck in the day-to-day running of the business that we forget to take time out and reflect on where we are at, and more importantly, where we want to go.

The purpose of the workshop I ran was to help these business owners step back and look more strategically at their business.

Each of them were challenged to:

  • Think about everything they’d like to manifest in the next 12months, or 3 years, remembering to:

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable” – Mary Oliver

  • List the core values that act as their authenticity compass
  • Define the psychographics of their target market, not just the demographics
  • Develop their unique offering, their product or service story based on ‘pain’ their ideal client faces
  • Refine their vision to inspire them through thick and thin

Jennine said “I had so many ideas and options running through my head. But during the workshop it dawned on me that growing the aromatherapy aspect of my business, and in particular developing a skincare range, is what inspired me most!”

“It has taken me almost 18 months to get the actual product on the shelves for sale though. From perfecting the recipes to packaging and labelling, right through to production.”

“It was really important that I had the certification to be able to send these products overseas to capitalise on the markets that have opened up online for Mystical Avalon.

The Myth of Fun, Fast and Easy

Why is it in our world of instant gratification that we have forgotten about hard work?

Michael Hyatt talks about the urge to quit in this great blog post. And how the myth of fun, fast and easy often keeps us from getting the results we want.

Another incredible local businesswoman Anna Wood, a Child Therapist from Inner Woodworks also attended the workshop last year.

At the time, Inner Woodworks was simply business idea Anna had.

18 months later and Anna has firmly established herself as a specialist when it comes to play therapy for children with behavioural difficulties, anxiety, emotional difficulties, suffering from abuse and many other problems.

Soul Coach, Kageni Njeru has also launched her business Love and Soul Engineering. Kageni is going from strength to strength with the services she offers including African dancing in additional to her healing and meditation.

All three of these amazing local businesswomen will most certainly tell you their successes have not happened overnight.

Perseverance, passion and patience have certainly paid off for these women. That and I can almost guarantee accepting the reality that goals almost always take 50% longer to achieve than anticipated.


Have you got a story to share about your journey in manifesting your business goals? I love to hear all about it below.

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