Defining the Zest e-Biz Blog Goals

Defining the Zest e-Biz Blog Goals - Zest e-Biz

This morning I dropped my baby boy off at a friend’s place to trial a few hours of childcare per week. With mixed emotions I’m both excited about dedicated time to focus on my biz, but anxious about leaving him (only natural I guess) and wondering whether I’m biting off more than I can chew…

In preparation for the ProBlogger Training Event in a couple of weeks, we’ve been asked to define the goals for our blogs.


My initial thought was that my main goal for my Zest e-Biz blog was to:

  • Generate a low maintenance income

The more I thought about it though (particularly with the mixed feelings I’ve had the past week leading up to today), I’m not sure I’m ready for the pressure that comes with running an online business. Sure, I love what I blog about, I’m inspired by what others are doing with their blogs and online businesses, and I know I’d be capable. But I’ll be honest; being a Mum is so much more demanding than I ever anticipated.

The Reality of Being a Stay-at-Home-Mum with an Online Biz

The idea of working for myself was always about being able to work when I was experiencing flow rather than being forced to be productive between the hours of 9-5. Little did I realise that working around a 4 month old’s (forever changing) routine, I would again feel the pressure to perform on demand rather than letting it flow. With far more things on the do-list than there are hours in the day, what do you compromise on? Is it even worth it considering how fast children grow up?

I know personally I need something to occupy my brain rather than being a full-time Mum, but trying to manage how much of my mental energy these other things occupy is challenging – particularly when I’m now longing for those illusive hormones that used to send me straight back off to sleep after feeding during the night!

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

I read a great blog post the other day by Kelly Exeter called How I Got from There to Here. Kelly talks about how she she’d created a life for herself that was high on stress and busyness, but low on passion. In 2012, she started with a clean slate instead spending her time doing what she enjoyed.

She mentioned two key messages:

  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


  My life only gets complicated when I make it so.

Zest e-Biz Blog Goals

In light of that, I’ve come up with the following goals in order of priority:

My Zest e-Biz blog,

  1. is a simple outlet/method for recording my thoughts and research into mindfulness in business, leadership and organisational culture.
  2. connects me with like-minded people who are interested in mindfulness in business and who are motivated to engage and inspire a following.
  3. generates a low maintenance income of $25,000/yr by Sept 2014 (3yrs after the official launch of Zest e-Biz).

Watch out for my next series of posts where I will break these goals down using the 90 Day Action Plan formula for achieving success.

I’d love to hear your goals for your blog (with a link to your website) in the comments below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Defining the Zest e-Biz Blog Goals

  1. Thanks so much for referencing my post here Kylah 🙂

    And I think your goals for your blog are PERFECT. I love that you have given yourself a decent timeline for generating income from your blog because as you’ve figured out, it’s hard work, especially with a little bubba and time is needed to make those vital connections and build up a critical mass of content too 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelly. I plan on writing a post about setting SMART goals, so I thought I better put that in action and I was struggling with making the first two goals SMART 😉 Totally agree that these things take time. I’ve found a good rule of thumb someone once told me to be true: however long you think things will take, double it and you’ll be close!

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