Business coaching provides objective support, guidance and accountability to ensure the same level of discipline is applied to leadership as it is to operations and management of a business.

Zest e-Biz helps the following types of organisations:

  • One that is keen to grow and take their organisation to the next level.
  • One where the organisation’s leaders are feeling overwhelmed by the current scale of operations and would like to get back on track.
  • One where the owner is keen to ready the business for sale.
  • One where the organisation’s leaders understand the value of an objective point of view to help them kick more winning goals.

An initial complimentary meeting is offered to determine whether Zest e-Biz would be the right fit for your organisation.

The following structure is then implemented based on a 12 month period:

  1. A 2-4 hour strategic planning session (depending on the size of the organisation) facilitated with key personal is recommended to develop the organisation’s 3-5 year strategic plan.
  2. A 120-day plan is then developed and a mid-point meeting scheduled to track progress. At the end of the 120 days the plan is reviewed.
  3. Additional coaching sessions are provided as required for key personal to ensure maximum results are achieved.