Nurturing strengths leads to greater confidence at work for women

Adopt an avatar for more confidence at work | | conscious business success

According to an article in The Guardian, one of the top five regrets of the dying is

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Jane McGonigal, a professional Game Designer, suggests that when we adopt an avatar (or character in a game) and we talk about ourselves in third person with a focus on our strengths, it’s an incredible brain hack. It greatly reduces anxiety and depression.

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The power of play for innovation and productivity

Have you ever watched a young child scribble with profound determination, their face almost touching the paper (or wall) they are drawing on?

When was the last time you can remember that sense of joy and happiness?

When was the last time you fully engaged in play?

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Loosen up; lighten up!

In her book Paint Mojo, Tracey Verdugo questions whether we are wound so tightly in our collective striving for acceptance, belonging, attainment and recognition that we have almost forgotten how to relax, how to play, how to laugh, how to be silly.

At work, and in business, it seems we have forgotten how to have fun, to enjoy arriving at work and making a meaningful contribution to our organisation.

Being so focused on improving productivity and forcing innovative solutions, we’ve forgotten how to intuitively be innovative.

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Dream bigger to monetise your blog

The biggest light bulb moment for me at PBEVENT 2015 was the realisation that my community are not the people I should be selling my products and services too.

This model, one of two key business models for monetising blogs that I outline below, I hadn’t considered before.

Dream a little bigger to monetise your blog - Zest e-Biz

Ultimately my vision for people to go home from work feeling like they made a difference and more energised requires action from leaders of organisations, as well as from individuals themselves.

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Good things take time, even in business

In his book ‘Outliers’ Malcolm Galdwell wrote “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.”

Obviously time is not the only factor in success. But the point remains, that some things simply take time.

As with seeds you plant in the ground, so too with business ideas, product development or business growth, you need to nurture those seeds. Then you simply give them time to germinate, grow and bloom into something magnificent.

Local businesswoman Jennine Hubber from Mystical Avalon has just launched a new product range InLaKesh.

Good things take time even in business with Zest e-Biz“InLaKesh was born from a desire to create and provide Australian made, aromatherapy natural skincare that everyone can afford and would want to use,” says Jennine.

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Take time out, manifest clarity and direction in business

Pilbara Retreat - Manifesting Wellness and Direction Jan 2015 - manifest clarity and direction in business with Zest e-Biz Research shows that taking time out leads to greater creativity and innovation.

A great article in Huffington Post states:

“You can’t continually run an engine in the red zone, at max output, or it will burn out. All high-performance machines need a rest cycle. Physical trainers advise us that a recovery cycle is necessary to get maximum efficiency from a muscle.”

Just like a high performance car or an elite athlete, you need to plan specific periods of rest, relaxation and recovery into your life in order to perform at your best.

In this day and age with social media everywhere and smart phones at our fingertips it is even harder to disconnect. To put the phone down. Take some real time out to switch off from it all and instead reconnect with what is really important.

Hands up who looks their phone, not just for the time, but for a message or social media alert as soon as they wake up? Me! Although I’m consciously trying not to these days.

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Life in Half a Second Challenge – Part 1: Identifying the negatives

In July I presented a business workshop at the Karratha Business Expo titled “Unlock Your Potential for Success”. Those of you who attended the workshop will no doubt remember the powerful quote my Matthew Michaelwicz that I opened with:

“If our planet was exactly one year old, then modern humans would have only been around for the last 23 minutes. Measured on the same time scale, if our planet was a year old, then your entire life would amount to half a second.”

I’m taking the Life in Half a Second Challenge set by Matthew Michaelwicz.

I devoured his book when we were doing a trip on the Gibb River Rd in June this year. And I was stoked to see he would be the keynote speaker opening Day Two of the annual Problogger Training Event I attended a couple of weeks ago on the Gold Coast.

The action items from the first video of the Life in Half a Second Challenge are to:

My Life in Half a Second Challenge   |   conscious business growth   |

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Interview with Grant Cucel – I pick Grant’s brain on the current business climate in the Pilbara

This morning I caught up with Grant Cucel, former Chairman of the Small Business Centre West Pilbara, to pick his brains about the current business climate in the Pilbara.

Grant is about to head off around Australia for 6-7 months in a caravan with his young family so I was particularly fortunate to grab him before he settled into travel-mode.

Interview with Grant Cucel - SBCWP outgoing Chairman - current business climate in the Pilbara  //

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