about Kylah

Hello! My name is Kylah.

My vision: empowering peak performance for CEOs, entrepreneurial thinkers and community leaders.

My mission: to help you and your organisation get clarity and develop strategies for conscious business success, so you have more time and money to invest in kicking winning goals and making a difference!

Official Bio

HIGH RES - B&W TopKylah is a inspiring businesswoman who started her working life in the family cafe at 12 years old. Kylah has worked across numerous industries including hospitality, retail, wine, healthcare, oil & gas and now business consulting.

In 2011, Kylah launched Zest e-Biz, specialising in empowering business leaders and CEOs to achieve business excellence through coaching and strategic planning programs. Kylah’s knack for breaking down big picture goals into manageable, realistic tasks leaves her clients feeling motivated and inspired to take action.

Kylah earned a Master of Engineering Management with Distinction and a Graduate Certificate in Business, but claims she learned far more from her varied work experiences (including working on offshore drilling rigs), the process of becoming a published author, being the founding President for the Karratha Toastmasters Club, a KDCCI Board Member as well as her adventurous travel experiences and a crash course in parenting!

Together we can:

  • Reconnect with WHY you do what you do.
  • Get the “right people on the bus, and the wrong people off”.
  • Identify your ideal customer and then WOW their socks off.
  • Foster strong connections & a supportive network within your business community.
  • Get those innovative marketing ideas out of your head and into action.
  • Maintain a disciplined approach to continuous improvement.

Keen to connect? Call me today: 0456 110 240.

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Keen to know more? Then read on…

I spent over ten years studying and working as an engineer. Yet every opportunity I got to do something else, I jumped at it. My brain is capable of processing and solving left-brain problems; like which drill bit I should choose to drill for oil, or gas, thousands of metres below the earth’s surface?

Yet, I’m drawn to people and human behaviour.

During my career as an engineer I am most proud of:

  • Mentoring gifted primary school students.
  • Representing New Zealand at the International Institute of Women in Engineering in Paris.
  • Coming first in the commercialisation team challenge during my Masters of Engineering Management.
  • Compiling a competency manual for graduate drilling engineers.
  • Working with over 100 guys on a drilling rig, offshore in the Bass Strait, to achieve peak performance.
  • Co-ordinating the final assurance process required to start-up Australia’s fastest developed LNG project.
  • Taking time out to travel for six months around South America with my fianće and our seven month old baby boy.

Enough about me. Who are you?

I’m guessing if you have read this far you are also passionate about visionaries and thought leaders. You hate poor customer service and inefficiencies? Me too! I’ll bet you’re the type of person who ‘gets shit done’. You understand the 80/20 principle and try to live by the mantra:

Work smarter, play more.

You are a motivated, enthusiastic individual who believes everything happens for a reason. You choose to surround yourself with positive souls. However, you are human. You still require support and encouragement to remind you that you are on the right track. You are making a difference. One. Step. At. A. Time. You definitely sound like my kind of person!

Speaking & Press

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Keen to empower more people to work towards innovative, sustainable business growth? Kylah is available to speak about Engaging a Tribe through Conscious Leadership, Harnessing Entrepreneurial Thinking, Unlocking Your Potential and more.

For all interview requests, speaking gigs or to work with Kylah one-on-one email: kylah@zestebiz.com or call 0456 110 240.